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B O T A N I C A L   D E C O R

It is my dream to rid your world of the ugly, leggy, dry, leafless, neglected gasping-for-their-last-breath plants in it.

Botanicals, houseplants, succulent arrangements, holiday centrepieces, hanging planters, macrame planters.   These are all intended to add beauty to your life and enhance your decor.  Not detract from it.

If you're not the green thumb type that's okay.  I am.  I like to work with hard to kill plants that take minimal attention from you to keep looking great.    

Have a special event coming up?  Botanicals, greens, florals.  They will make it more special.  Need a special hostess gift?  Who doesn't love to receive a beautiful designed little plant?  Client gifts.  A nice way to say thank you.  I'm thinking of you.  I hope you're feeling better.   

Whatever the reason for more green in your life, it's a good one.  Call me. 


I'll make something beautiful for you that will make you say WOW in really slow taking it all in motion. 

Warning:  Green Love is ADDICTIVE.  And CONTAGious.

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