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G A R D E N   C O N C I E R G E 

One of the most overwhelming aspects of having a new garden (besides how beautiful it is and how it improves your connection to Nature and all the good that comes with it) is maintenance. 


"You mean I still have to maintain my low maintenance garden?!"  Sorry but, yes.  You do.  

To have your garden looking its optimal best at all times, we recommend you have three types of garden services and they are:  Your Maintenance Team; Your Gardening Team, and your Garden Concierge. 


(This is of course assuming you wish to leave all of the beautifying of your garden to your team, and you have little to no interest in, or time for gardening.)


What's the Difference?

Maintenance Teams are the crews you see working at a frantic pace with all kinds of power equipment.  Lawn Movers.  Leaf Blowers, Snippers.  They make a lot of noise but they are in and out quickly.  Indispensible helpers that help you maintain your property and keep it looking its best.  Main Emphasis:  Mowing

Gardening Team is the team you call in a couple of times a year to weed, top up your mulch, edge your gardens, replace some dead plants, add some new ones, create a new border.  They do the things that keep your gardening looking great beyond the 'maintenance' or lawn cutting.  Main Emphasis:  The Gardens

Garden Concierge works as the Creative Director of your garden to execute the vision that you have for it in the coming year.  A Garden Concierge may also be hired once your Landscape Architect has completed their project to ensure that the design continues to evolve and develop as was originally intended.  Your Garden Concierge is the liason between you and your teams to take the management of your garden off your to do list.  Main Emphasis:  Simplifying / Design / Coordination

To learn more about what your Garden Concierge will manage over the course of a year (Spring / Summer / Fall) and our fees, please call 416 994 7622 to receive your Password to view these details.  

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