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P L A N T I N G   D E S I G N 

What is Planting Design?   Artistically speaking, it is the final piece that pulls all other design elements together.  The cohesion.  The jewellery.  The ultimate finishing touches.  When Landscaping and Planting Design work in harmony, this last but important detail helps bring the Landscaper's and your vision to life.

Colour.  Light.  Texture.  Contrast.  Seasons.  Habit.  Water Requirements.  Drama.  Ambience.  Mood.  They all matter in varying degrees, every time a new project begins.  A beautiful Planting Design creates emotion.  I am inspired by the thought of a new garden owner watching their plants come to life for the first time. 

It excites me to know that this will be your first year as lovers of Nature on a whole new level.  It is one thing to visit Nature.  It is another altogether to own a small piece of it.  

With clients who are experienced garden lovers, I appreciate the collaboration, the bond over a shared love of the garden, the exploration of new plant ideas, the revisiting of past successes.  

Every garden has its own personality. My joy is to find it, envision it, create it, and then - help you to enjoy it..  


For more details on this service, please call 416 994 7622 to receive your Password.  

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