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How Green is Your View?

The Benefits of Living Walls.

Bringing nature into our cities is a vital component for a sustainable future. Our connection to the natural world is often overlooked in this increasingly urban world. Green infrastructure such as green walls, green roofs and pocket parks, can be targeted to bring plants to the very places where we need them and where they can add value. Outdoor Living Walls, in particular, reach into the heart of our cities where space is literally and financially at a premium.


Green infrastructure occurs in the liminal space where architecture meets landscape architecture, structures integrate with the natural world and buildings adjoin nature. These are the spaces and places where we at Biotecture can be found working and this is where we specialise.

No other cladding material can provide the following combined benefits:

  • Remove air pollutants

  • Reduce urban temperatures

  • Thermal benefits to buildings

  • Improve biodiversity

  • Attenuate Rain water

  • Reduce noise

  • Increase productivity & creativity

  • Improve sense of well-being

  • Health benefits

In addition Green Infrastructure can help to:

  • Meet CSR targets

  • Satisfy planning requirements

  • Increase income potential

  • Demonstrate sustainable credentials

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