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  • Why are they called Rabbit's Foot Fern?  Because of the lovely little rabbits feet that inch over the side.  A beautiful lush plant on top to boot, with lovely fuzzy feet that make this plant extra special.


    Could the plant to pot match be any better?  The tones of the rhizomes in the plant are highlighted precisely in the concrete below.  Perfect plant to pot pairing.  


    7.5"w x 7"h

  • Rabbit's foot ferns like bright but indirect sunlight, such as that found near a window with an eastern exposure. During the day they like temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees F. (21-24 C.), and slightly cooler temperatures at night. Water the plants lightly but often to keep the surface of the soil lightly moist.

    This plant would be what I would call Medium Maintenance.  The trick here is to keep the soil moist, don't let it dry out and not too much water as the rhizomes will rot.    

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