I cannot be in a box when it comes to the green world.  I love it all.
I cannot choose.    I call the affliction GREEN LOVE.  

My first love is the garden.  I have been a gardener for over 40 years. Yes, I started that young.  

I am incurable plant nerd. I study garden design every single day, I can make any garden better.  I know my plants and I know what will thrive where. 

Ten years ago, I studied floral design at Flower School New York for intensive immersion into the art, biology, and physics of floral design.

Since then my gardener's mind combined with my florist's mind and my background in advertising and marketing (that observes consumer trends) has paid close attention to how people react to floral, botanical and their gardens.

In short:  No one has time.  But they want to be surrounded by the beauty of Nature.  Which is why I am so excited about creating Green Walls and Living Walls for all types of applications.  Green Walls: 100% maintenance free with all the beauty of Green and none of the fussing; Living Walls, bring all the health benefits of Nature indoors.

Green, because of its connection to Nature is an immediate mood enhancer. People who live in greener cities, or who surround themselves with Nature and in particular the colour green, report less incidence of anxiety, and lower rates of critical illness.  

A desire for simple is why I've chosen to pursue Botanicals.  They live longer than flowers and they are every bit as beautiful. When you combine a gardener's understanding of what the plant wants to do with the training and eye of a florist beautiful things happen.

I am always trying new things and exploring.  I study the coming trends (which by the way are as fickle as hemlines on a New York runway) in gardening, botanical, and floral so that I can share them with you.

I hope you'll come back and poke around often.  This website is a work in progress as is my GREEN LOVE.

~ heidi

"I design for the Style Conscious Home owner, the weekender, the second home owner,

the business owner with a mile long to-do list, the frequent business traveller, the hotelier, the restaurateur.  Anyone with GREEN LOVE."