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M O S S   +   F E R N   W A L L S 

Statement pieces that are the perfect accent for any decor.  

Moss + Fern Walls are as at home in a modern environment as they are
with today's contemporary blend of modern meets rustic.

Original.  No two green walls are alike.  

Indoor plant walls are the most wonderful addition to any room. Kitchen, bathroom, powder room, staircase, living room, dining room, den, covered porch, entrance hall.

Home, office, retail, commercial, hotels, restaurants.  A practical choice

for people and businesses who want the lush look of plants, a green wall is low maintenance and high style.

Made of preserved greenery such as moss and ferns and plants that you
might find in the Nature that surrounds us, a preserved moss wall requires
absolutely no maintenance and will stay beautiful and fresh for years. Sourced in Norway (the world's leader), they are painstakingly preserved using the latest environmentally friendly processes to create a beautiful and unique preserved moss wall design.

A preserved moss and fern wall can offer the lush appearance of a live
indoor plant wall with none of the stress or maintenance involved.

Let's talk about your project - click here  or click on the phone to call. 


Banquette - Partial .jpg

It's as lush as a live wall, with none of the maintenance.

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