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STUDIO PICK UP IN SOUTH GEORGIAN BAY.  Once your purchase has been made you will receive an email from us to make arrangements for pick up. / Email us to discuss DELIVERY OPTIONS.  


Out of Stock
  • The name is reason enough to own it!  Just to say, "Which pot, you mean the Hootie Hoo Pot?!!"  Ha!


    Dark Black with Caramel Accents, this pot manages to be elegant and playful at the same time.  


    7"w x 5.5"h
    (This is the measurement for the pot.  It doesn't include the measurement for the Ivy.)

  • Ivy likes bright indirect light and to be a little damp.  It is much happier with moister soil than letting it dry out.  I would set a reminder in my calendar to water it once a week.  More in the Winter months, or if it is sitting near a hot air source (ie. forced air heating).  

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