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G E T T I N G   A   Q U O T E

There are so many variables involved with providing an accurate quote that we will stick to.  Our customers appreciate that there is more to a successful outcome than the lowest price.  Which we aren't.  We also aren't the most expensive.  But we are far ahead in terms of comunication, attention to detail and follow through. 

Not to mention Creativity.  Give us a blank wall and a budget and we will create something that's never been done.  


As a ballpark, you should figure between $90 and $150 / square foot with many variables that can affect the final price.  Once you have a budget, we will design to that.

The first step is to get on a quick call.  During that call we will discuss your project, the size of the wall, some photos of the space, where is the light coming from, where is the HVAC system.  We want to make sure your wall will be successful, first and foremost.  

We have experience working with retail, commercial, industrial, real estate developers, site supervisors, project managers, interior decorators, architects, home owners, condo boards, government services.  Or projects range in size from 1 square foot to our largest ever, 500 square feet. 

If you would prefer to send us an email, please fill out the form below the photo of beautiful moss. 
Or call  
416 994 7622

Hope to hear from you.

~ heidi


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