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5 Minute Designs? Not quite.

This took 5 minutes. But no it did not. It took 3 weeks. 3 weeks of thinking of the shapes within the shapes; the client setting; what I will like; the textures I want; the mood I want to create. What follows is a week of second guessing, peeking at it again, and revising. (This photo is a week old. Rev 3 is current.) We forget about the importance of time in the creative process. Think time. Roll around in it time, as my friend Will taught me. Creative cloud gazing time. You can rush and push a design forward which helps the creative process. A deadline and a stepping back is important. Letting go. Knowing when to. And you can rush a design forward to the point where a creative person is working from a place of panic and resentment. Which doesn't create the best energy or beauty or flow in the outcome. I have worked with creative people for 40 years. I have seen this time and again. I am fortunate to have clients who seek my creativity. It is the greatest compliment. They give me some breathing room and I respect the realities of their deadlines and / or wants. They let me create with the loosest of briefs. They trust me. The weight of this trust is sometimes crushing but what I am inspired by. I don't often write long rambling posts because I don't read long rambling posts. I also figure no one gives a sh what I have to say about most things. Creativity is a mystery I have been fortunate to live close to for a very long time. It, and its disciples, all of the creative people I know and have known, have fascinated me and frustrated me for a long time. Now, having returned to my creative roots (even admitting I might be creative) I understand them all more. #workinprogress #creativity #greenlove #thecreativeprocess #rambling #imaramblingkindaguy #stevemartin

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