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Re-entering offices: How to create health-promoting working environments

After adapting to alternative and more flexible working methods during the global health crisis, the pressure towards businesses to support their employees is shifting its course as regulations are being pushed back. Work and the way people think of work will likely never be the same, and completely new challenges arise as people gradually begin to return to their workplaces. Continue reading this article.

Creating health-promoting working environments

We are entering an era in which investing in building health is no longer considered just as a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting and keeping talent, but a must-have. The measures taken to improve the indoor environment will act as important indicators of company values and employee health. Using smart solutions, it is fairly easy to adapt to any existing space to meet the new standards expected from healthy workplaces.

Air quality is the #1 workplace wellness perk

Air quality has both indirect and direct effects on our health. By preventing hindrances caused by poor air quality, we stay healthier and are able to respond better to other harmful factors in our environment. It also has a significant role in the effectiveness and transmission of the virus: pollution has been studied to be one of the most important contributors in COVID-19 deaths, and humidity and appropriate ventilation are known to limit the spreading of airborne pathogens.

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