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Common Questions about Green Walls Answered.

Starting with, "What's a Green Wall?"

GREEN LOVE answers the most common questions we are asked by creatively driven, design savvy clients who are trying to figure out if a Green Wall could be a part of their world.

Read on, no such thing as a silly question.

preserved moss wall
GREEN LOVE / Mixed Moss Green Wall

What's a Green Wall

There are many definitions. Many are correct, just as many are not.

A Green Wall, by GREEN LOVE's definition, is a wall that is made with Preserved Mosses and Ferns.

So it's alive?

No. It's not alive. It is real; but it is not alive. It is a real plant. A real piece of moss. A real fern. It is harvested in Norway - a country applauded for its sustainability practices. Then, the moisture is removed by spraying the plants with a combination of human grade food dye and glycerin. This preserves their colour and keeps them soft, pliable and luscious looking.

Does it need to be watered?

NO! Under NO circumstances should it be watered. It should not be watered, or misted, or sprayed. Doing this to the wall WILL ruin it and cause the pigments to run. No matter what someone (who is misinformed) tells you, DO NOT mist your Green Wall.

That it NEVER needs to be watered is one of the great appeals of the Green Wall. That, and their overwhelmingly impactful saturation of colour and concentrated Nature.

No maintenance. Hang it and enjoy it.

What about dusting?

You take your blow dryer when it needs it and blow the dust off.

Can they be hung outside?

No. There are other products that will look great outside and we can help you with those pieces too, but Green Walls are to be installed indoors only.

What should I think about when choosing a spot for my Green Wall:

1. Do not choose a spot that receives south facing sunlight all day. Some sun is okay, full sun will fade the wall. Some sun is actually quite beautiful on a Green Wall. Another advantage to a Green Wall is that it can be hung on a north facing wall that really needs a natural element, but you can't grow anything there because there isn't enough light.

A North facing spot is ideal. Think about lighting when you are planning for maximum impact. I am not talking about sunlight now. I am walking about lighting decor to enhance this beautiful feature.

2. Do not chose a spot where the wall might be splashed with water. I see these photos pop up on Instagram and Pinterest all the time. Behind a bathtub. This is a recipe for disaster. On a kitchen backplash. Ditto.

3. Think about little hands and dogs. If you are hanging your Green Wall in a retail or high traffic area, consider keeping it out of reach of smaller children who find the colour and texture fascinating and irresistible. Think about putting a small discreet sign asking people to not touch the wall.

If you have dogs, consider the height of your dogs when you are planning your Green Wall.

4. Think about heating vents and blustery windows. Warm furnace air will dry it right out. Freezing cold winter air is not its friend. A window that has a strong cross breeze will break the stems off the ferns.

Do they only come in Green?

They come in many and varying shades of green from dark blue greens, to warmer greens to very yellow greens.

Additionally, one particular species of moss we work with - Reindeer Moss - comes in more than 12 different colours.

Hence, the creative possibilities using Reindeer Moss (one of my favorites) are endless.

Beyond FAQ's, there is the beauty.

I hope I have answered some of the questions you have about Green Walls. Or whatever you may have heard them called. In our experience, they are the most common questions, and the most common misconceptions, and misinformation being passed along amongst consumers and professionals alike.

You can email me with any other questions you may have, here.

This is a wonderful creative medium to work in. It has its limitations, as do all creative choices, but it has far more possibility. I think we are only now beginning to see how many exciting things can be created with Preserved Moss and Ferns.

A Green Wall, or a Green Frame (Art Piece) can be a signature piece. An accent piece. A piece that sets the tone for a room, a business. It's a mood. It's an energy. It's a vibe.

And more than all of that? It's the Green Love. The love of Nature. The need and importance of living surrounded by it.

~ heidi

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