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Live Frames

One of the most exciting products we work with are our Live Frames. The combination of smart engineering, and beautiful Live Plants, makes these pieces a showstopper wherever they are installed.

Read on to learn more about this low maintenance innovative system that allows us to bring Live Plants into your home, office, retail and commercial settings.

Live Frame
Double Width Live Frame in White

Live Frames come in White as shown (the most popular choice), Stainless Steel and Black. They come in single width (shown below), double width (shown above), triple width, quadruple width and as room divider columns, most popular in office settings.

Live Frame
Single Width Live Frame in White

When we receive the Live Frame, it is simply a frame that is also a reservoir that holds between 12 and 28 litres of water, and the insert(s), where the plants and soil will go. The system holds 9 plants, 18 plants, or 27 plants. A room divider (shown below) holds 72 plants on each side, can be purchased one sided or double sided with 144 live plants!

Live Plant Room Divider shown here double sided holds 144 oxygen enhancing plants!

Choose plants suited for your light conditions. Vast design options. You can purchase the Live Frame from us without plants, or we will design and plant for you and install the Live Frame. We choose plants and design your Live Frame with the light conditions you have in your setting in mind. We are well versed in the lighting needs of most houseplants and how they will grow over time.

You can purchase just the system, or let us design, plant and install for you.

Care and Maintenance Now for the fun part. Live Frames only need to be watered every four to six weeks. We have one (I purchased one before beginning to sell them to a) make sure it actually did what it said it would, and b) to learn and be able to advise my clients who purchased them based on first hand experience.

The first time I watered ours was two months after we hung it. Ours hangs in our front entrance, it has a southern exposure, and it doesn't mind us opening and closing the door regardless of the season.

Two components are responsible for the fool proof success of this system:

The first, is the watering spout. The system comes with a watering spout that fits into a hole in the top of the frame where water is poured when it needs watering.

When it's time for water, this seal is removed and water is poured into the frame.

The second part of its foolproofness is also the cutest part of this system. And that is the adorable little watering can that pops out of the bottom of the frame to let you know it's time for more water. As you water, the watering can disappears back into the frame to let you know that's enough water.

The little watering can let's you know when it's time for water, and when enough has been added.

That in a nutshell is all it takes to have this frame looking fabulous years to come. Yes, I occasionally have to pick off a leaf, or cut out a dried flower, but that is no more than would be required of any houseplant.

The way I look at it, it's a small amount of upkeep for a stunning piece of botanical decor that does so much for our air quality, and the tranquility of our living quarters. I find it very relaxing to see it every time I come home and every time I pass through our front hall. Not to mention every single one of our guests WOW's every time they visit.

Live Frame is a beautiful, low maintenance addition to any setting.

If you'd like to know more about sizes available, and pricing, please be in touch via our Contact Form, or Schedule a Time for us to talk about Live Frame.

For our call, it might be great to have some measurements, or some photos of the space you are thinking of so that we can evaluate the setting to make sure it is a great candidate for a Live Wall. Or if you just want to talk about it and have us answer some questions, we are more than happy to.

If you're anything like me, you'll LOVE your Live Frame, you'll never tire of it, and you'll always enjoy seeing it.

No wonder we so enjoy installing them. Sharing the GREEN LOVE as it were.


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